IBM Midwest Key Enterprise, Startup and Academic Leaders October 2015 Update: A Booster Shot for Health and Wellness, Global Cities Team Challenge, Kansas City Internet of Things, Chicago PaaS Cloud NIU Creating Your App Tech Bark Meetup, IBM and the Weather Channel, IBM Bluemix Internet of Things Services and the Wall Street Journal Article Companies See Market in Managing ‘Internet of Things’

The leaves are changing and we are into full swing with Internet of Things(IOT) technologies in the Midwest. With recent events including the Detroit Fall Technology Conference, Anyone Can Learn to Code HTML/CSS Meetup and the IOT on Healthcare Panel hosted in the Northwestern University Garage, these are events which I facilitated, hosted or manned the booth in September and IOT was a key topic in many of the discussions. This is not a surprise as indicated by the articles and companies engaged in this space with a few examples highlighted below.   The great news is IOT discussions are happening in areas were the question being asked is, “How can we do this better?”   Frequently the discussions are focused on the use of the available IOT technologies to solve today’s problems today with an even broader vision for the future. Let’s begin…

A booster shot for health and wellness: Your cognitive future in the healthcare industry

Health and wellness are two topics that continue to dominate discussions on how we can all do a better job at managing rising healthcare costs.   If we can achieve and maintain healthy bodies the average healthcare costs per person is dramatically reduced.   This is not just a medical statement, we believe it as seen by the number of us tracking our steps each day (I am currently sitting at 9066 but I still have enough time to hit 10K before midnight). Fitbits are a great example of personalized wellness initiated by individuals focused on improving their individual health and wellness statistics. Taking these steps (literally) makes us key stakeholders in the decision processes and actions on critical elements of how our health is managed.

Global Cities Teams Challenge

The IBM Global Cities Teams Challenge is kicking off with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and US-Ignite for the Global City Teams Challenge 2016 (GCTC 2016) in November. Come join us for the Chicago event hosted by IBM at 1871 starting at 8AM Central Time on Thursday, November 12th. Moving from individual health to the health of our cities, the Global City Team Challenge is a program to bring together individuals and organizations with an vested interest in improving the health of our cities. A global kick-off on November 12 shows recognition at a national and global level of how critical it is for proactive steps to improve the health of our cities. The planet Earth body needs everyone taking positive steps and it is even better when those steps involve collaboration and integration for improved city and planet health. Join in the fun and take a step with the above link.

Kansas City Internet of Things Meetup

Not in Chicago, considering joining another meetup group. For example, considering attending the upcoming Kansas City Internet of Things (IOT) meetup for discussions and hands on labs with IOT technologies for use in apps and to drive business programs.   Since we had such a great TechWeek Kansas City event, highlighting the upcoming Kansas City meetups to keep the momentum going is the logical next step. Pradeep Natarajan and Pradeep Muthalpuredathe, are the organizers of this meet-up.   (They had the mini Smart Building model at TechWeek.) Their next event is on Nov. 2nd, TechrIoT Launch Event! Featuring Garmin, IBM, Nokia, and Arrow.

Chicago Paas Bluemix Cloud Computing Meetup

If you are in the Chicago area, Creating Apps in the Cloud is the subject of our upcoming Chicago PaaS Bluemix Cloud Computing Meetup on Tuesday, November 10th 5:30 PM Central Time. Create your first app in the cloud with IBM and the Tech Bark team at Northern Illinois University.   It is great to be invited by the Northern Illinois University Tech Bark Student group to host our November meeting on, “Creating Apps in the Cloud” on the NIU Delkalb campus along with the content being streamed by NIU to their satellite location in Rockford, IL.


IBM Watson and the Weather Channel

“You can’t change the weather,” but if we can accurately predicate it we can make better decisions.   While we cannot change the weather (yet), if we are better able to predict with a higher level of confidence impeding weather events we will be better positioned to react. This impacts us all financially, physically and from a health standpoint.   If we have to send out less rescue vehicles because more people are evacuated due to more accurate data that has a significant financial impact.   If we are better able predict major weather changes, town and cities can better staff for the consequences of that event. If we know the temperature, with windchill, is going to be -44 F Degrees (think Chicago) then public service announcements on frostbite is a must.

IBM Bluemix Internet of Things

Until recently I referenced the IBM Bluemix Cloud had over 100 Services, now it is over 130 services. The Bluemix resources and services, including those specific to IOT continue to grow. Below is a partial diagram on How It All Fits Together for IOT.   Use the above link to see the complete How It Fits Together diagram summary and step by steps instructions on how to dive in, including a sample for building your first IOT app in the cloud.   If you already have your IOT app built, explore the API’s to investigate potential ideas to expand and grow your IOT “baby.”

Companies See Market in Managing ‘Internet of Things’ Wall Street Journal Digital Article By Don Clark Updated Sept. 15, 2015

“Some industry executives predict that the flood of data from IoT applications could bring the biggest benefits, giving makers of cars, industrial equipment and the like insights about their products’ operation and usage that could lead to improved designs. But Mr. Bosworth and others stress the immediate benefits of IoT gear that issues real-time alerts, such as automatically sending for a repair person when sensors reveal a machine has broken down—or, better still, upon signs that it soon will.” This article gives examples across multiple industries on how IOT is already being used today to make our lives better. The article shares what is being considered in some businesses and what is planned for the future now that IOT technology is becoming much more cost effective and integration across industries is becoming the norm.

What fascinating technology to have at our fingertips! Try the sample in the above link in Bluemix. It is like potato chips (wellness check–replace that with popcorn) because once you try it your mind will swirl with the possibilities of having and doing more.   Share what you create. Consider sharing it at the Global Cities Team Challenge, join/form a meetup to get the word out, put it in the Cloud (preferably Bluemix!) for others to be able to leverage but most of all take that step.   Remember, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” Neil Armstrong




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