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With the conclusion of the first month of 2016, IBM has the Weather Company deal and CleverSafe finalized and more acquisitions announced: IRIS Analytics, a privately held company specializing in real-time analytics to help combat payment fraud, UStream provider of cloud-based live video streaming services and Resource/Ammirati US-based digital marketing and creative agency. With consumer and business expectations raising the bar daily integration of all these functions is becoming what we expect as the norm. Acquisitions and open sourcing for collaboration are key tools for making this integration happen at an even faster pace. With so much in the press on the acquisitions this update will focus on open-source and how we all benefit–similar to the same way we benefit when the weather forecast is right! With that type of reality in mind, let’s begin….


PC Magazine: Could an Open-Source Approach Make Cars Hacker-Proof? By Doug Newcomb January 29, 2016


Car Hacker Pic

Since the reports and videos last year in mainstream news of cars being hacked this topic continues to be a hot one adjacent to the discussion on the self-driving car. This article suggests an approach that is worth discussing. We do not even have to make the small leap to self-driving cars, the all to real discussion on how do we ensure compliance and safety, referenced in this article, makes this a topic for the here and now.



Why Good Apps Are Not Good Enough A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned By IBM October 2015


We all have 3-5 main apps we use daily. We no longer have a GPS because we have our phone, we no longer carry a calculator we have our phone, we no longer have a light (with dead batteries) because we have an app for that on our phone. Even for those items we do not use daily we have an app for those items we infrequently need instead of carrying that along as a separate tool for that infrequent need.   I had one top app on my phone but it took up so much memory I deleted it and months later I added back, when memory requirements were cut in half, to being a great app.   But what make a great app? This study provides a summary to begin answering that question. One example is the below Figure 1 (while it does not say Open as one of the requirements below, it is not a big leap to see Open can easily play a significant role in delivering on these requirements) listing key user input on how to get from good to great:

good to great

IBM Institute for Business Value Study: The Business Of Things


Today with all the discussion on the internet of things (IOT), this study gives a perspective on why this topic is dominating discussions across industries and this Figure 5 provides insight into how industries are positioning themselves to cross lines on providing service and support to clients (business to consumer and business to business). For IOT to thrive, as it will, Open will play a key role as detailed in the overlaps in the below chart.

IOT January 2016

Wired, “Linux Takes Command”



“The Met Office, the United Kingdom’s national weather service chose this combination because it is designed to provide the punch, quickness, power, and reliability in an industrialized hybrid cloud infrastructure….That was particularly true in December, the wettest month ever recorded in the UK. Drenching rains caused devastating flash floods, particularly affecting the north of England, Scotland and Wales.The Met Office creates meteorological forecasting models that use an IBM LinuxONE system to quickly and reliably deliver complex weather modeling data to hundreds of clients multiple times a day.”

York January 2016

I was watching the news in Chicago over the holidays and watched reports about flooding in Northern England and York and called over to South Shields to make sure the UK Kennedy’s were all fine. One sister-in-law had been called in due to downed infrastructure and the anticipation that hospital employees might not be able to get in at a later time based on the weather forecast. Accurately predicting the weather is no longer a nice to have, it is a crucial goal in today’s world (with saving/improving lives being one of the most sought after goals for mankind).


LinuxOne Community Cloud


LinuxOne Pic

In addition to the 90 days access to LinuxOne “enterprise grade Linux” in the cloud the additional resources made available to this community makes in one for those in the open world to join. Knowing how much I look for healthcare game changes because they are life changing, here is a great healthcare for LinuxOne case created by students, “One of the projects that the students at NCA&T are working on is a blood pressure sensor that uses Raspberry Pi single-board computers running Linux. The students built a graphical front end that will not only operate those sensors and give the results to the user on the screen, but also upload the data to a LinuxONE server for fast analysis to form better health decisions.” Here is a snapshot of some of the resources in the above link for you to create your own game changing solution.


IBM DeveloperWorks Open-Source


Developerworks has a huge repository of resources for developers and anyone interested in Open-source. This is a snapshot of one view of the article and tutorials. Earlier, I send out a Tweet on additional cognitive computing tutorials so having found this for open source I am highlighting the entire link as these tutorials and labs are key in many cases for even more people using this technology to work on big problems. I look forward to diving in with you.

DeveloperWorks Pic


Now that we are wrapping up January and I have my LinuxOne account through the LinuxOne Community Cloud (Marist College thank you) and the penguins are dancing, I hope to you see you rocking the community in your penguin suit. And remember, “Smile and wave boys (and girls), smile and wave” while solving big problems in Madagascar, South Shields, Chicago and wherever the big boat takes you!




Valinda Scarbro Kennedy

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