The Business Process Management Impact on Your Time, Your Money or Your Life

How do you make sure your business does not miss an important step? How do startups and MBA students learn to take the idea from Incubator to Accelerator status?  Great ideas are amazing.  Great ideas without process management can become a lost opportunity or a liability.   Even in the early stages, consider how important it is for a great idea to be patented to ensure the great idea is not pirated before the ink is dry on the business cards.  Great ideas where the business is dependent upon specific individual’s knowledge instead of documented processes can also quickly lead to liabilities.

Today with all the resources available it is an advantage to leverage processes and technologies that can reduce the tedious process of mapping out business processes manually.  Instead of relying on an email or string of email documents using business process management is an efficient way of communicating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and their inter-dependencies, key production or execution steps, critical quality measures or a host of other key factors that are the difference between a business starting, adjusting and thriving and a business starting, adjusting and falling into chaos.  Since we choose to adjust and thrive that is a perfecting starting point for this month’s update.  Let’s begin…

A key stage in business progress management today is digital process automation (  For professionals digital process automation takes the traditional business process management approach and incorporates the dependencies we have in today’s digital world to improve spend and results.  “According to Forrester, 73 percent of consumers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good service.*  What if time itself was the total metric as it may be in the field of healthcare?

NHSBT Delivers the First-Ever Heart Transplant Enabled by Cloud

 This great idea shows how critical care can be delivered much more efficiently with process automation.  Business process automation may be a misleading label since it is not always about dollars and cents.  “The UK-based National Health Service Blood and TNHS Blood and TransplantWatch the video (13:50)  or

Business Process Management Gartner Definition

Business process management (BPM) is a discipline that uses various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, and optimize business processes.  A business process coordinates the behavior of people, systems, information, and things to produce business outcomes in support of a business strategy. Processes can be structured and repeatable or unstructured and variable. Though not required, technologies are often used with BPM.   BPM is key to align IT/OT investments to business strategy.”

Business process management sounds complicated but it does not have to be complicated but it does need to have a defined focus.  Business process management means identifying the steps that will be take to ensue repeatable business outcomes.  Business starts with an idea for a product or service.  Business process management is taking the steps to deliver that product or service to the desired market following defined internal and external metrics.

Business Process Management Institute

The business process management institute is a community for sharing and collaborating on ideas and resources to create and enhance Business Process Management.   One of the recent whitepapers is on Internet of Things (IOT) and business process management.  This paper discusses the opportunities and issues associated with IOT that make business process management an effective management tool.

Three of the Top 10 Signs That You Need a Better Business Process Management Plan

If you have a whiteboard in you organization which reads, “Do not erase”  you and your team may enjoy this top 10 list in its entirety.  Below are the first three signs for everyone to use as a benchmark in the future:

Top 3

IBM Academic Initiative:  BlueWorks Live Cloud for Business Process Management

“IBM® Blueworks Live™ is a cloud-based business process management tool that lets you discover, design, automate and manage business processes for your organization. It’s easy to use and accessible anywhere through a browser. You can have a process tool built and running in as little as 90 seconds.”  Graduate level students and/or students pursuing advanced degrees have commented at multiple institutions how they have taken what they learned in the classroom back to their jobs to demonstrate how what they just learned can be used to make improvements immediately.   Here is a snapshot of BlueWorksLive in the Cloud that those students used for free through the IBM Academic Initiative OnTheHub link above:


IBM Skills Academy:  Business Process Management Analyst

The IBM Skill Academy provides the faculty face to face training, cloud infrastructure for BPM labs, proctored exams and badge credentials to enable faculty to deliver Business Process Management education to their students.   “The Business Process Analyst career path prepares students to learn about managing upstream and downstream impacts and the cross-functional importance of processes to the overall objectives of an organization. It also explains important concepts and activities such as process analysis, process improvement, working with as-is and to-be processes, Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), and identifying and working with key performance indicators (KPIs).  Here are the learning modules, open badges and associated job roles”:

Skills Academy BPM

Business Process Management E-Books

These Ebooks provide a wealth of content while in the classroom but almost as important they provide materials for future reference and for sharing with others as business process management touches industries outside of the traditional business field as seen in the examples in this update.

ebook: Business process management for dummies

ebook: Smarter Process for Dummies

Business Process Management Case Study

Alpine Electronics, ““To satisfy our customers, we need to constantly improve and optimize our QMS business processes at the global and local levels, first by identifying them, then by gauging the maturity of those processes, their effectiveness at the operational level and their degree of alignment with our and our customers’ business objectives.”  This is good example of why business process management matters to us.  When we get into our car we expect the car to start and operate consistently every time and when it does not we have a very specific process that happens next.   Now we expect to the car to call back to the dealer/manufacturer and preferably even before a point of failure happens to prevent the car from starting.

Car pic

Business process management might be seen as unnecessary bureaucracy in the fast paced world we live in today.  Writing this update starting with the National Health Service Blood and Transplant video could be seen as just another example.  However this example is personal.   While I hope to never need to receive the services of the UK National Health Service Blood and Transplant or the US-based Life Goes On Illinois Organ/Tissue Donor Program, I have selected the Donor option on my driver’s license for many years now.  One person’s bureaucracy could be 6500 (UK) or 119,000 (US) people’s lifeline.

Based on how quickly critical decisions are being made, BPM is needed more than ever before especially considering how decisions are being made in more and more autonomous environments.  That makes it critical that all the steps in process have been identified and all the processes have considered outliers that may happen once the process is implemented.   The fact that outlier could save time, money or lives means it is an even more important outlier to have documented….just in case it’s your time, your money or your life.

Valinda Kennedy

LinkedIn:  Valinda Kennedy

Twitter: vscarbro



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