Blockchain: Links in the Growing Chain

It is unusual to cover the same topic in approximately three months but with so much occurring around blockchain adoption from an industry and education perspective the amount of new material on this topic  even in a span of only three months,  means the timing is perfect to drive awareness of those significant new resources.   As consumers of retail services, government issued birth certificates, financial services and many other services that we depend upon in our daily lives, the adoption of blockchain in each of these areas and more is but one example of why keeping current on the hyper moving blockchain has to be in all of our continuous learning plans.   Let’s begin…


Blockchain Food Safety

The above link provides a quick view into why food safety is important based on a recent outbreak of salmonella in papaya’s in NY.  As a the family shopper the below update on Walmart’s Food Safety solution offer insight into how we go from hearing about the problem that blockchain solves in food safety to seeing it in action.  Blockchain is quickly from an abstract discussion to one that quickly can impact our personal or business lives.  As you watch the above video is it interesting to see how the discussion moves from the why do we need it to a panelist saying I had no idea about that key information regarding recent food safety issues.  No impact here right, wait…wasn’t that outbreak the same time of our family vacation in NY:

Walmart Food Safety


Institute for Business Value Blockchain Studies

Blockchain early on was discussed as a banking and financial services solution in part because of the Bitcoin connection but also in part because of the immediate ability to see how blockchain would aid entities who do not know each other to perform financial transaction with confidence in all agreed upon payment terms begin executed.  The financial market has not been stagnate while other industries have quickly moving to take advantage of blockchain technologies.   The below emerging questions are from the recently published Central banks and Digital Ledger Technology Governance study:

IBV Emerging Questions

Here is the link to the complete report to continue reading about the Central Bank and Digital Ledger Technology Governance as well as one more new study published since our June update.   The focus on the technology and governance is key now as governments around the world are faced with how to best understand and legislate/regulate/use blockchain in ways that does not stifle industry creativity but also do not create digital divides disconnecting citizens from full participation in constitutional freedoms and rights or create unintended consequences.

Read our latest reports

 Central Banks

Central banks and digital ledger technology governance

Updated 22 June 2017

Central banks and financial system regulators around the world are asking themselves how blockchain is going to change their technology underpinnings and those of the commercial banks and financial institutions they regulate.

Learn more and download the ExpertInsights@IBV report

Forward Together Pick

Forward Together: Three ways blockchain Explorers chart a new direction

Updated 19 May 2017

Trust can be embedded into blockchain transactions and as it does, new transformative possibilities emerge.

Learn more and download the executive report (197KB)


Academic Initiative Educator Guide

As the key program where IBM provides to accredited academic institutions faculty and students no-charge access to IBM resources to be used for teaching/learning and non-commercial research, the IBM Academic Initiative has added several new assets in the last several months.   Enterprise security application software (AppScan) for students has been added.  Most recently in August for educators the IBM Blockchain Educator Guide has been created and published for faculty to bring his topic into the classroom in just the last several weeks.  The Blockchain Educator guides provide a very good path for faculty to help students understand the basics while at the same time to begin to understand the business problems being solved across industries implementing blockchains.   In addition to explaining concepts, faculty and students also have the opportunity for hands on labs using blockchain with this new addition to the IBM Academic Initiative program.  Here is a snapshot of the blockchain asset accessible with the above link:

AI Blockchain snapshot


“What Blockchain means to Unilever, Nestle and Other’s in the Food Industry”

We have talked about tracking from catch to table, above talked about how one retailer is positioning this technology for global management of their supply chain.  Here more examples to aid in discussions to show more ways blockchain will impact the food we eat.   “In total 10 companies joined the collaboration this week, including Tyson Foods, Unilever, Nestlé, Dole, Driscoll’s, Golden State Foods and Kroger. Walmart has been working with IBM on the project since last October.”  Having shopped over the years at Walmart and Kroger to pick up Tyson Food products, Nestle, Dole and so much more to make Thanksgiving dinner think of how decisions could be influenced by knowing where the food is coming from, how long has it been in shipment, if someone gets ill and you can trace it to a source maybe that favorite dish is identified with a text message that flashes on your television screen for everyone watching the game to read and share the news before it is served to 30-40 family and friends.


“Illinois Launches Blockchain Pilot to Digitize Birth Certificates”

Not concerned about food, this article details what the State of Illinois is doing to move birth certificates into blockchain.  Image having one of the most critical documents needed throughout your life now connected to you electronically in a way the data cannot be lost or mis-placed or mis-used.  With identify theft continuing to grow as challenge, having more resources to better manage our overall identifies helps individuals and business better manage ownership of all data and transactions across the life of an individual.

As blockchain advances are being made daily, in addition to the above IBM Academic Initiative assets, shortly we will have an IBM Blockchain Skills Academy Career Path, to continue to working with our academic partners to enable faculty and students on acquiring the blockchain skills to support and lead blockchain being integrated into industries ranging from finance to food to autonomous cars and more.   With these assets educating our selves on blockchain is easier than ever before and based on where the technology already is being adopted it is critical we become informed on how food, money and even the record of our birth is now “Another Link in the Chain.”


LinkedIn:  Valinda Kennedy

Twitter: vscarbro


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